Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What others are saying about the new Barr boys

From the mom who waits at home for her husband to bring home their new son Max:

"Brian just called -- he returned to the orphanage and met your children. He said they both look very healthy. His comments:

Maren: Maren has the prettiest eyes and the longest eyelashes he has ever seen. He said that they are very big and long. Maren was very sweet and was playing with other kids and their toys the entire time he was there. Brian said that he seemed to be enjoying himself and was very happy.

Yabsera also seemed very healthy and is big. He was in his crib while he was there but said that he was awake and happy - the baby was not crying at all."

and this from CWA taken on May 2nd:

Yaebser (if he is 6 months he is decent sized- if he is 9 months he is smallish)

Height 64cm

Weight 7.5kg

Maren (if he is 3 he is itty bitty- if he is 2 he is really big- if he is 2 1/2 he is a good sized kid)

Height 89cm

Weight 12kg

I got donations at an Academy Award party I had, and raised enough to buy a scale to bring to Ethiopia- I also purchased a special tool used to measure length on infants and I am bringing a foot measurer a good friend finagled from Payless Shoes- they just plain gave it to her when she told them why she wanted it.

If you noticed I have not posted about my travel - that is purposeful. Keep us in your prayers and I hope to have good word tomorrow. I was blessed today by a friend who sent us a check out of the blue and another friend, whom I adore, who was visiting and just handed me some money when she left- not a huge amount or anything- but as you know - at this point every bit counts- she said, "Here- take this- I will tell you later why- just take it." So there is a mysterious reason- but it was still affirming to get these notes of encouragement during times of great stress. An email came from a friend who brought home infant twins a year ago from Ethiopia and an email from a long lost friend from high school found its way to me- this was written back in February! And finally my good friend who is bringing home three kids from Ethiopia very soon (they will also have 5 kids) called just to check on me- it was very sweet and meant a lot to me- so thanks out there to all of you who have heard my cries of stress and anxiety over the last 24 hours. It’s so good to know you care and get it.

And I can't believe what happend on LOST tonight! That is a whole 'nuther blog!


Renee said...

I am enjoying your blog! I can't wait until your kiddies are in your arms.. one week seems like (and is) forever when you are waiting for your children.

Aaron and Maureen stayed at the Hilton and were on our flight home. I would love to hear how their sweet daughter is doing. If you know or could pass along my e-mail to them I would appreciate it so much!

Tell them it's Renee (or as Aaron kept calling me Rachel :o) with Noah.


Dawn said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I like your blog too! It is nice to read about the adoption experience of others who are ahead of us in the process.

God Bless,