Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Embassy successful - sort of

We're at the Hilton and the internet is a fortune and Mark is carrying two tired boys so that I can type.

I got to quickly skim all your emails. We can't use gmail on many computers here and so I have not been able to read them - but in looking them over, tears were in my eyes from all of the love and prayers we have recieved from the USA!

We got the boys at 9:00 and we have had them all day. We went to the embassy but since we did not have the specific court documents saying that the children could actually be adopted from a parent or the police report we couldn't get our visa. She thought Friday- so its good we are not leaving Friday. She was very nice though and frankly - I too would want to be sure our embassy was making sure these documents exist. We found out a little more about the boys but really not much to tell. We know what we know and that is that they seem pretty darn smart. Maren is already speaking some English - he is currently trilingual. He is like our chinese speaking Phoebe and our multilingual nana veet. He is saying more and more every minute - its really amazing actually. He speaks Wolitan, Amharic and now English but still grunts when he wants stuff. He learned "up" pretty fast when he wants Mark to hold him. Yabsera loves looking at himself in the mirror and laughs when he does this and good baby is not even enough to descibe how sweet he is.

We are in love with these guys and just can't wait for you all to meet them. If you could hear Maren's laugh - its like a cartoon character who is getting away with murder. His favorite thing to do is steal the many keys from around the guest house and pretend to lock people in their rooms. He is most definitely following in Helen Keller' footsteps...he also says wa wa for water! :)

Pray they sleep well tonight- it will be our first night with them and Mark and I will need some rest as well.

We are having fun with our guest house staff who treat our children like they were their own. I can't recommend enough the guest house as a place to stay for folks who want to save money - or give away money they would have spent on a more expensive place to the folks here who need it desperately. Sally you were right - this is a bit diiferent when it comes to the level of poverty than I have seen else where and I have been to many many places. This is different in many ways - its beautiful and the poeple are wonderful. We will have dinner tonight with CWA staff and the other family traveling with us.

Must go-- lots of money to send email.

We love you all - please read this to Cal and Maddie and Phoebe who we may not be able to call. The boys are hilarious and you will love them so very very much. We can't wait for them to meet their crazy siblings - you all go together so very very well.

Em, Mark, Maren and Yabsera
ps I cannpot reply to separate emails now - but will - keep them coming. I love the verses and encouraging words many of you sent. The most disturbing email though was form Cal about his sunburn. Cal - I have been there - too many times to count. I hope it is better today. No worries about the shirt we can get you another one. I am glad you had Luana there to help you!!! I love you!


Raskell Party of 8 said...

I am so happy for you! Thanks for the updates. You give us all hope who is waiting. We will pray for your embassy appointment on friday and that everything goes smoothly.
Sandra Raskell

Renee said...


I AM so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to hear more!!!


Dawn said...

Sounds like an experience of a lifetime. God Bless You All.