Thursday, May 18, 2006

Beautiful Boys on Birth certificates

I was not feeling well this morning and managed after everyone left the house to go back to sleep- My very close friend, Molly was in labor last night and I was woken by a tearful friend who announced, "My Baby's Breech" through tears...It took me a second to realize what she had said- and to process that she wasn't saying something 100,000 times worse than that. But at that moment- it was the saddest thing for her- she did not want or plan to have a C-section- but all went well and Piper Rose was born this morning. So, I am asleep having fever dreams and night sweats and Mark calls and tells me about the email that came with the bys birth certificates. He told me all the little details- like Yabsera's name being spelled "Yebsera". The Names are Yebsera Mark Barr and Maren Mark Barr - there are birth dates and it says "Mother" "Emily Barr". I liked that.

The birthdates are usually random. The baby turns out to be 7 months old. Maren turns out to be 3 years and 4 months old. I find it hard to believe he is that old- he would be just so tiny based on heights and weights we got recently. But we will see when we meet him...Oh and I can't wait. Mark is growing his beard. For each baby Mark had a beard - he always thought that it was the baby's only way to know that this was Daddy and not Mommy- Daddy is the one with the scratchy face when you reach up with your tiny hand. But he said he is a bit worried that it might scare the boys- are there many men with beards there? And the photos we have sent- He does not have a beard. But I think they will know- I always say- Kids know when someone likes them- I have seen it with my own kids- they can tell when someone really digs them- my patients know when I really adore them - they can tell - and they respond differently when they feel that. I make a point of falling for all of my patients- some are easier to fall for than others- but in the end- they know when that has happened- when they have me wrapped around their finger.

So I know that Maren and Yabsera will know quickly that their Daddy with the scratchy face is their Daddy and loves them immensely.

I will try and put the photos from the birth certificates on the "Maureen Blog" as it has been come to be known..because those two pictures are so incredible.

Today we got a package from a good friend- she ordered me a lact-aid system so I could breast feed Yabsera- it is so great and what a great gift- to get something that you, frankly, couldn't ask that many people to get for you. And another friend left me a check- I can't tell you all how great it is- another friend will be giving us their crib mattress- we have countless people praying for us- and I have this group of families who have agreed to keep the Barr kids busy while we are gone- its truly like everyone has come together to bring these kids home. And the more I am learning about their lives - I realize- if they stayed in Ethiopia- they would not likely be alive- the baby might not be alive today and Maren might be alive- but he might very well be starving, without a home, without clothes, without a family- and would not live. So thank you Thank you Thank you to all of you for the prayer and support!

Main Street Sodo

This picture came from when you google Sodo Ethiopia- where the boys are from- this is the picture that comes up- I was looking at it with my Ethiopian Friend and I said, "Is that really Sodo?" and he said, "Yes Emily- you will see- you will see how the people live- they have nothing- you will see how bad it is- you will see how lucky these two boys are." We feel like the lucky ones.


shelley said...

It makes me laugh how clothes get passed around there. The last picture we got of Ben, he had the same outfit on that your older boy does! I loved the Sodo pictures and your thoughts. We are praying for you trip and for your hearts to see what God wants you to see!

Renee said...

Thanks for the Sodo pic~our 3 yo son is from there too!

Your boys are beautiful! Those eyes would melt me! You are getting closer!!!!!