Monday, May 29, 2006

Meeting the boys

We are here in downtown Abbis with Abebe, Getu's brother. We are going out to eat soon. We do not have internet at the guest house right now, so we have to stop at internet cafes to communicate.

We are good. We have seen the boys two times already. Three hours today. Maren is a real joker, and we slept for four hours after being with him. Sure, it could be the jet lag, but part of it was certainly trying to keep up with the VERY energetic, and funny boy.

Yabsera is very quiet, but inquisitive. He looks around a lot - seems to know his name - watches with great interest when Maren plays with interesting toys. Maren so far has said - Beep Beep - Bye Bye - Mommy - Water (or Wa, as Maddy would like to know) - smoke - and plane. I'm sure he has heard some of these words before, but we think he is a genius. He made Emily and I drink his milk - and he can't be fooled - you can't put the cup close to your lips and say yum yum, or something like that - in order to satisfy him, the cup must be lifted and touching your lips. Emily and I pretty much drank all of his milk today. Maren also ate a PBJ. So at least we have one thing to feed him at home.

Tomorrow is the embassy appointment in the afternoon. At that point they will be ours, although they might stay at the foster home in the evening so we can go to dinner with the foster care director and another family picking up their child. We have had a lovely time at the guest house. The man in charge there, Ray Lindstrom, has many fascinating stories to tell about his time in Africa, and he has made us feel very welcome. The Ethiopian staff at the guest house has also been very sweet to our children, tickling them and talking to them. I think it has helped meeting Maren and Yabsera in an environment probably very similar to their own home.

Hope to call or write or something soon - but no guarantees with the communication services here. We are well and miss you all very much.
Mark and Emily

PS - To Maddy, Cal and Phoebe
Phoebe - you need to learn this word - Amma (like momma without the first M). It is a word Maren and his orphan friends made up - it means (we're pretty sure)GIMME!. I think he may say it a lot when he sees you and wants a bite of your candy, or wants to play with your toy. We're betting that all of our kids will start saying this as well. Maddy, when 16, and asking for the car keys - AMMA! AMMA! You get the picture.
You are going to love these little guys!

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