Monday, May 01, 2006

Good News on Maren and Yabsera

This is from an email that a friend who is there picking up her two children sent to me today:

I would say he (Yabsera) looks great for 7-8 months.... I didn't want to disturb him while he was sleeping. Maren is very funny. He loves books and we actually left one of the books we took to the home with him because he loved it so much. He loves to be held and enjoys playing. Bethlehem and he battle for attention a lot. You are going to love his personality and his energy!

Under the Mercy,

So, my concern for Yabsera is probably without merit- I hope. I was getting together 6 month clothes thinking he looked small- we will see what Maureen - who arrives tomorrow and will see them on Wednesday thinks. Today someone mentioned bottles...need that still. We were not thinking baby since the beginning of this process so its hard to try and think of everything we will need to bring...formula...diapers...bottles...Maren is potty trained - how about that- he likes to read, he is sweet and he can pee on a potty! That is so great!

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