Friday, May 12, 2006

Act 1 Scene 3: Where the Barr's have an Embassy date AND plane tickets

For anyone who does not believe in the power of prayer...I can't even begin to tell you how God has just walked us through every bit of this. Do you believe me that there were no flights? Or I should say most flights were booked and the only flights we could get were extremely costly- I am not exaggerating when I say they cost more than the international fees for our adoption. One airline quoted me at 8,000.00 a ticket! I called my CWA case manager and even though I said I wouldn't cry...I did...ok not surprising - but still, I was prepared to give up and move the date further out, which made me really upset- those of you who have been to our photo blog AKA "The Maureen Blog"- have seen these little faces and know that they are adorable and I just can't wait to hold them and kiss them and play with them and hear them laugh and hear them cry and respond to their waiting even one more week was heartbreaking. Tracy prayed with me on the phone. I had really just given this one to God. And the travel agent. :) Our travel agent is Susan Parr.
  • Susan Parr Travel

  • We have been working with her for a few weeks now, back when we first thought we were traveling this week. She did not give up and while looking at flights for the following week she somehow got us on that Ethiopian Air Flight we had been trying to get on for over a day and a half. And we paid for it today! Its the least expensive and the nice thing about Ethiopian Air is that the kids will have many Ethiopians and people who speak their language during a time of great stress. British Air is nice for Denver because you can fly directly in to Denver- but it is more money- we wanted to pay less if possible.

    We are on a wait list for the earlier flight out and hope to get that.

    Please keep my good friend who brought her babies home in your prayers. They are doing so much better now that they are with their mom and dad- but it has just been a difficult experience for them since the beginning and I have grown to love them dearly and they need prayer to get through all of the hurdles that lie ahead. They sent me a photo of the babies with outfits I had bought them before they left- and they already look so different from the photos taken just two weeks ago!

    Please also pray for safety as there was some violence and terrorism in Addis today. I believe 9 people died and many were injured. I would post a link to the news article- but it’s just too sad to have it on the blog- so if you want to read more you can google it. The good news it was not near the CWA foster home and everyone connected with CWA is safe including the children. But be praying that we can travel safely to bring our boys home.

    Its summer here in Denver- today it was in the 80s and it was a beautiful day for the Shakespeare Festival. Madeline was awesome in her scene from "As You Like It" and Phoebe turns 7 this weekend...its good I am getting new babies because my baby is no longer a baby!!!

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    shelley said...

    You are so luckly it is 80 there! It has been 40 here in Indy. Awesome to hear how God has been working-he has done some pretty amazing this here this week too! How lucky we are to get to be a part of his plan!!!!