Friday, May 26, 2006

The countdown

If you have one kind of browser- my blog looks normal- and just to the left is a countdown to our Embassy appointment...if you have another kind of browser- the right side links and profile and clock are all way way down at the bottom. I went to a blogger fix it blog and its very time consuming to fix- basically one of my posts or links or something was too big and makes it look funny in certain browsers...but the important thing is to see that my countdown is down to 4 days and 2 hours- that is when we should have the embassy appointment- rough guess. We should actually meet them in less time than that. About 3 days until we meet our baby boys.

Mark and I have been working all night to get ready- lists, list and more lists. Mark doesn't like the idea of carrying a moneybelt. I told him he didn't really have a choice. Our Dog alone costs about the same at the kids to be cared for while we are gone.

I just wanted to write a quick "America's Amazing New Grads" post. We had this new grad, who is visiting our Pastor's family, come today and clean-and clean and clean. I was actually crying telling someone about this wonderful woman. And is she ever meticulous! She spent over an hour in our tiny powder room...I just am so thankful and so grateful and it makes leaving easier and coming home to a clean house will be so nice too.

Another friend came by with tons of Tylenol and Motrin and band-aids and then ran an errand for me. And people have been so generous with giving us money here and there and we need it so much and it’s so great and so helpful and so wonderful.

I have a friend who will blog for me in my absence- but I have warned her that this is an Ethiopian Adoption Blog and not a LOST forum where she can discuss the nuances of the Henry Gale character...though at times that is probably much more entertaining.

Just wanted to send one last post from the US. I am ready to sleep on that plane tomorrow.
Check the countdown when you read this- you too will get pangs of excitement...I wanted it to look like the clock in the bunker- but couldn't get that on my blog.


Dawn said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip!

Chris Ewing said...

So wonderfully excited for you. We will be sending prayers the whole way! Enjoy the journey and can't wait to hear about the warn path when you return!


Fizzle said...

Safe trip, looking forward to hearing about it!