Wednesday, May 17, 2006

11 fingers and 10 toes

Here we are all acting like we are "expecting"- while visiting a freind who was very pregnant- and still is -but her water JUST BROKE!!

You know how when you have a baby- they say that you count all of their fingers and toes? How people say, "He has 10 fingers and 10 toes!" Well, even though I have scrutinized my photos and I mean scrutinized them...I know that Maren is wearing the pink happy suit in some pictures and later his little brother is wearing it! So even though I thought I had seen everything- I saw that Yabsera has an extra pinky on his left hand. Its not like you are thinking- I think people call it a "phantom digit". It is something that can easily be removed and in the US would have been done at birth. Once I saw it yesterday- I went back and sure enough - its in every picture- not sure how I missed it. All of our birth kids have had some kind of birth anomaly- so we thought that it was fitting that Yabsera does too...I wonder what we might find in all of Maren's nooks and crannies...and speaking of Maren- I got an email yesterday that he "destroyed" his toys. I just can't wait to bring him home and give him some toys that are his to keep and that no one is going to take away- I think in the care setting like that with lots of kids they are always grabbing toys away from each other. So I look forward to letting him know that he can have stuff that is all his! Until Yabsera learns to crawl and starts the stealing! But hopefully by then he will get it that it’s just the 7 of us- and most of us don't want his toys and books! I also made a new photo album to bring with me because I am not sure his is still there= so we can look at it on the way home- its has pictures of grandparents and cousins and Max- our beagle and the kids and I put in several photos of he and Yabsera - I thought he would like that! I have a little Curious George back pack to put some fun stuff in for the plane ride home.

Work is busy- I am trying to get everything settled by Friday- I told them I would come in Tuesday to put someone on a study - but that I plan to be out next week. Pray we get on the flight on the 24th!

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