Saturday, February 04, 2006

Our Agency

  • Christian World Adoption

  • We chose this agency because after talking with most of the other agencies and after reading all of the material sent from the other agencies- we felt this was the best fit for our family. We liked that we shared the same faith and values. We liked that they were less expensive than the others, they did not have a lot of restrictions on who you may or may not adopt and they clearly have the children in mind first. They are the newest approved agency and so we knew that we would be dealing with some things that are unknown- like timelines and possible bumps in the road. To date they have not sent a family who has traveled to Ethiopia and brought home their child- but many families have had referrals. And we have been told to just be ready at any time for a referral. I kind of wish I had a little bit of an idea- for instance: "This will absolutely not happen this month- there are several families ahead of you." That would keep me from constantly checking messages and emails for any news...ok maybe it wouldn't help at all! The other agencies and their websites can be found here:
  • All US Approved Ethiopian Adoption Agencies

  • We feel that our agency is ethical, honest, has the best interest of the child in mind and has already put a significant amount of money into developing the program and helping the older Ethiopian children they are affiliated with. They have provided money towards school uniforms and supplies among other things. They brought home a video of about 30 kids from 3-12 years old and almost all of them already have families who have decided to adopt them, including a sibling set of 4 and a sibling set of 5! It’s amazing really. I am excited to be able to see the new video of even more children from their recent trip. Its great to watch the video and then see that these children who are older are finding families so fast. It will be wonderful to celebrate with those first few families who actually are able to bring their children home.

    Maybe part of why we chose this agency was that it is kind of fun to watch this process from the beginning. The first family whose dossier has been sent, the first referrals, the first kids home...And to know that this program, which is growing so fast, will be able to have a significant impact on Ethiopian families long into the future, as some of the other Ethiopian adoption agencies have already experienced.

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