Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Homestudy is Done and Learing to Jump Rope

Today Mark and I, separately, signed our homestudy. Because it has been signed - it will now be sent to Adoption Alliance- who approves all homestudies for the State of Colorado. They say it will take about a week. We used International Adoption Net for our homestudy and have been really pleased.
  • IAN - Our Homestudy Agency

  • Signing the homestudy felt like a big deal. I don't know what part of the "pregnancy of adoption" it would be compared to, but its a huge thing to have done- the next huge thing is the dossier being sent and then of course the referral.


    Deciding to Adopt
    Choosing where you will adopt from
    Choosing the kind of child you are interested in (infant or older child etc)
    Choosing a homestudy agency
    Choosing an adoption agency (if they are not the same place)
    Completing your homestudy
    Completing your dossier and sending it to you agency
    Getting your 1600a fingerprints done
    Getting your 171h (is that what its called??)
    Getting a referral
    Having the court date
    Traveling to Ethiopia
    Meeting your child/ren
    Getting that paperwork completed
    Bringing your child home - the birth.

    I feel a real sense of accomplishment completing the homestudy. And most of the work is really done by someone else! It’s also really important to note that Phoebe has learned to jump rope and now jumps constantly. (See the post named "The Process".) So she is ready- just in case she is ever called to demonstrate this!

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