Tuesday, February 07, 2006

CWA's First Kids!

As you know, our agency is very new at working on adoptions in Ethiopia. The exciting thing today is that 2 of their babies have gone through their court appointments and will hopefully be able to travel in the next 3-6 weeks. Its exciting to see that they have completed that process and will be even more exciting in a few weeks when they are able to send families to bring their children home. I have been emailing back and forth with one of the new mom's and she is very excited and it’s been great for me because I think I tend towards worrying about this and perseverating on the unknown. So it has been fun to get really excited about her daughter's court date. What does that mean for us? Well the orphanage that houses kids from infant through about age 3 holds about 16 children at a time. So as the kids are moved out of there and into their new parents arms- there will be room for new young children. That means that our little guy- who may not be in the orphanage yet may come into it at some point and then we would get our referral. Our referral is when we get a call and we are told about a child waiting for us and we get some medical information and any background that might be available and a photo. Then we can bring this info to our doctor or send it to a specialist like Dr. Aronson for review.
  • The Orphan Doctor

  • People send the info they have to Dr. Aronson and send in a fee and she will evaluate the info and provide an expert opinion on any issues your child may be facing or will need to deal with. This might be information related to TB testing, malnourishment or development among others. Well, now I just want to get the dossier done and sent!

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