Wednesday, April 26, 2006

We Got New Photos!

Today we got a few new photos from the agency or our older child and that was nice and then we got a pleasant surprise and got more photos from a family who recently brought back their son. They sent us several of our older child- they are actually pretty funny- because we sent these gift bags with a blanket I made, and a few toys and a book- and in the pictures he is just clutching the toys- in one, he is inside and then he is outside- but he is just holding all of his "stuff". It was really really cool to see the things we had sent to him in his arms! We also got another photo of the baby- unfortunately he actually looks less well than he did in the referral picture- he looks less chubby and he looks less alert and a bit dry- he may have some eczema. Our good friends whom we have met through this- I have written about them- they have three kids the same gender and ages as ours and their daughter and Phoebe have the very same birthdates. They are adopting two infants. They are leaving Monday to go a little early because one of their children may be ill- that is not the good news- the good news is that since they are going early they can check on our kids- especially the baby- because he looked so tiny in the photo.

We have a lot to do to prepare and the fact that we could possibly be leaving in the next two - three weeks is a bit overwhelming- please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Please pray specifically for airline tickets – that we can get them for when we need and that the cost is not too terribly high.

I can't yet post photos of the boys- but will post a photo of what I sent to them- it had to be light and fit in a 1 gallon ziplock bag!

You can see how we fit everything into the bags

And you can see how we taped pictures of us on the backs of the books.

And soon I can, I will post the actual pictures of our older boy clutching his loot to his chest. It’s pretty darn cute!

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