Sunday, April 23, 2006

My New Links

If you get a chance to check out some of my new links- I have included a long list of books from which are related to Ethiopian Adoption. I hade probably 10 more I could have put on the list- but it limits you to 25 books. Also, I have added a pod cast that you can listen to on interracial adoption. I am finding that when I am doing something to prepare for my boys to come home I am always having to think about how I want them to feel comfortable and not feel so different. I know they will and I want to embrace that as well. But for instance - you are looking at children's books- so many do not have brown faces in them- luckily many of my favorites have animals.
This happens when I am blogging and I want to put in a little picture- I had to look pretty hard to find the cartoons that look like my kids look. And of course its even harder to find a picture book with white mommy's and daddy's and brown babies. I am sure this is true for so many families- with single parents, same sex parents, racially mixed families. I know that not all books that are read to a child have to look exactly like the child and their family- but it is nice when the books are about family relationships to include the diverse make up of our families. I notices a great listmania list on Amazon on picture books for adopted children in interracial families- so I will try and get that linked to this blog as well.

I hope to get word this week about a best guess for travel...and I also hope to see an updated photo of the boys sometime this week. It will be nice to hear from the two families who traveled last week through CWA and picked up their children. I will let you know when I know!

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Wow! great links! Thanks for sharing!