Sunday, April 09, 2006

Waiting for a Court Date

We got word last week that our court date will be coming son. We are still waiting for our 171h- which will hopefully magically appear in our mail box tomorrow. We are still working on names. Can't quite decide on them yet- knowing us the boys will be registering for school and still not be names officially by us. The pressure doesn't seem so strong when they already have names! We have started thinking about all of the stuff we will need and have had some nice offers on a few things - like today a women from our church offered a crib and a changing table! And a good friend has offered to buy us a stroller which will hold both boys. I was telling our friend that we are still trying to figure out the child care while we are gone and she mentioned a young women who might be interested - and it turns out this women works in Cal and Phoebe's before school program! So I met her- she is really nice and interested in helping- which I hope works out. Our family is not in the position to really come and help. Its funny when people have babies and they say, "Oh my mom is coming out for two weeks and then Aunt Jane will be here and then Cousin Sara and thenCousin Sara's old College roommate..." You get the picture. It’s never been like that for us- we are lucky to get a few days after each birth. And we do consider that a special time and have been blessed by having the family we had- even if it was short lived. And now I am even more appreciative - when we are not likely to have that at all. We just live very far- and everyone has jobs or kids. But hopefully we will get home this summer so they can meet their new grandchildren! New Cousins! New nephews! We are getting more excited about this and its been so fun to have our dear friends from Ithaca here for the past few days with their 3 year old- its good practice for having a toddler around- for all of us!

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