Monday, June 12, 2006

Maren's Vocabulary

watis = water
Bye bye
maren (he points at himself and an object to indicate possession)
I love you
How are you
dabo- bread
Buna- coffee
nigh nigh (sleep)
Maxes (Max)
bogoot = cookie or Bisquit
beep beep = car
Woof woof = dog
lots of Amharic
and he can repeat anything you say- literally
He loves to sing- Cal wishes he knew what he was signing
and he understands so much already - today I was getting mad at Cal and asking him to clean up and Maren was just fascinated by watching me get mad and before we knew it he had put away all of the toys and organized all the shoes- exactly the job I was asking Cal to do...and Maren says, "Ayo! (look it! ) Ayo Shoes!" because he is so proud of how nicely he organized the shoes.

He did have one Helen Keller moment in Target- which would have been disturbing if not for the fact that during his minor fit he pulled madeline's tube top down. She (being nearly 13) took the opportunity while we were out f the country to purchase some clothing we never would have allowed her to buy including a tube top - so I have to say I was slightly amused that Maren pulled it down during his fit in the middle of Target- I said, "well that is what you get for wearing at tube top!"

Maren is doing so much better he has toys and siblings to play with and actually listens and doesn't always get really mad when we say "no". and at the doctor when he heard Yabsera really crying he wanted to some in and see what they were doing to him. He is very bonded with his little brother which is very nice.

all is going was my first real day- just me and the kids- and well- it had its moments- but all in all- a good start and I just keep thinking that it will all go so fast and I will be back at work before I know it.


owlhaven said...

LOL about the tube top!

Mary, mom to many

Renee said...

Wow! Maren has an amazing vocabulary already!!!

The tube top story is hysterical!

I love reading about your boys


Danielle said...

He's cute AND he cleans! How did he pick up "armadillo" by the way?!

Danielle in Evergreen

PastorMac's Ann said...

Your boys are precious! We're also using CWA to adopt from Ethiopia and I have found your posts and your trip log to be so helpful and encouraging! Praying for a smooth transition for all!

PS: Tube-top story: priceless.

Rob (Maryland) said...

We have to keep in contact more! Thats so awesome you adopted 2 boys...! It sounds like they are doing well.