Saturday, June 24, 2006

First Doritos!

So yesterday I decide I want to upload the photos I have taken over the last two weeks...the first two weeks home with the boys- and something happens- and I am pretty good with my computer and my camera and I have no idea what happened but I plugged my camera into the computer and my entire memory card erased before the photos were uploaded. I was so sad...what we were missing were all of the firsts.

You know when you have a baby you have the first smile, the first step, the first time peeing on the potty, the first wave bye bye...well we had our own set of firsts...the first swim in the pool- those pictures are gone- the first rainbow- that was so cool and then when I was telling Mark how we had seen the first rainbow- Maren understood and said "daddy Daddy" and then when Mark looked he made his hands go like a bow in the sky and said "Rainbow!" This was several days after we saw the rainbow. He remembered what it was called and everything. We lost the photos of Madeline's and Phoebe’s recital. We lost the first trip to Tiny Town- which was father's day and their first trip to the Rocky Mountains- I was sad about this because the houses are so small and I liked the idea of having photos of them there when they first came and then again in like a year- plus I thought that the CWA staff in Addis would get a kick out of those pictures.

We lost the first Pizza, the time when we got him to say "I Love Pizza!" and the very very very first Popsicle....And the really great father’s day picture of Mark with all the kids at the lake in the mountains...we lost that too. We also lost the really bad photo of me in the mountains- it was a mixed blessing.

And we lost the photos of the first Doritos...I know - some of you are shocked that it took me two weeks to introduce my boys to Doritos...and others are shocked I would ever give them a Dorito in the first place... in any case this was a sacred moment in the Barr house- almost as special as Maren's first glimpse of "the others" on we decided we should reenact this.

Those of you who know my family- know we are full of actors and writers- and so it would be fitting that our 3 year old from Ethiopia- only home 2 weeks has already caught on...So without Further ado- here is Maren and the "First Dorito" (Take two...)

Here you can see Maren enjoying his first Dorito...then he hams it up by eating straight form the bowl...then he offers the bowl to Phoebe. Then you can see him make one of his famous faces and Phoebe trying to imitate him.
And finally Yabsera - who always has the best seat in the house.


Thankfulmom said...

Em, I'm so sorry about the lost photos - that is just so sad. However, I just loved seeing the ones you do have! Your kids are so sweet and it brings back memories seeing Mark with a baby in a backpack.

Raskell Party of 8 said...

At least the memories will forever be in your mind. I am sure heaven has all these pictures in a golden scrapbook and you WILL see them again someday. You are awesome and I look forward to your updates!
In Him, Sandra

shelley said...

I love his face! What a little ham. Man, now I want some doritios!

Anne said...

Oh, how painful! I'm so sorry. I've lost a lot of photos through hard drives crashing -- it's horrible.

I love the photos you've posted. Your kids are so adorable -- looks like they have a very high "ham" quotient! So cute!

PastorMac's Ann said...

So sorry to hear about your pictures. Your doritos re-enactment is precious!

Avery said...

I'll bet you a $1 he can finish off a bag of Habanero Doritos by himself

Stacy Lochowicz said...

It is AWESOME to see the pictures of your two sons!!! They are very lucky to be with a GREAT family!
I amlooking forward to meeting Yabsera and Maren. Please tell Maddie, Phoebe and Cal that I also am looking forward to seeing them as well. Enjoy your summer and time with your new sons. You may have lost photos but your love for these two children will leave an imprint in their hearts forever and that is more important than a photo.There will be more times to capture those precious firsts.
stacy lochowicz:)

Renee said...

Your children are gorgeous!!!

I am sorry for your lost pics. (((Hugs))