Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"LOST" in Addis

This is from an email written before we left Addis….so if reading the blog - this comes before the last post.

We have been successful, by the grace of God, in so many of our goals here- we have traveled and seen so much of this beautiful country and met all sorts of people- just today the boys have had their photos taken with an orthodox priest and a family who lives in a round traditional hut and a beautiful young Ethiopian woman by a lake- we have seen and done more than we could ever imagine and though we are like the "others" we have felt quite like those on flight 815 who have been in the dark for so long- and I felt a bit this weekend like I had met Henry Gale himself. I think I have.

So, to tell you a few things- Maren spends about 30-90 minutes each day crying- usually at nap time- its inconsolable and difficult to listen to- today it happened in the car- our driver who was wonderful understood completely that he is a child who has come from a place where no one consoled him (I don't mean at CWA (they have been wonderful to him Thank God- I mean before he came to CWA) Please pray for his little spirit and mind to let us comfort him when he feels that way and say a few extra prayers that he does not have this crying jag on the airplane- he is so full of life and is so funny and he has been saying "I love you" since day 2 but I think he understood it this weekend- he would say ILOVEYOU and then kiss us or smile adoringly-

He loves to eat and we are amazed at his dexterity with injera and traditional Ethiopian food- but he always insists on sharing the last few bites.

Yabsera continues to be a good-natured fellow and did cry for quite some time at the hotel last night (while travelling)- he knows its not home and was tired from a long day of traveling.

We saw the most beautiful people and countryside this weekend- but I kept remarking how many people there are everywhere!! if you go into the countryside in usa you see no one- here its amazing how many poeple there are and the fact that the children who are so very very young are on there own- girls as young as 4 are carrying babies on their backs while fetching water with three or so other children between 3 and 7- this is a common site- kids doing hard hard hard manual labor everywhere- and no adults in site- We have many many photos so the boys will have wonderful life books from where they come from.

Ethiopia is a country where children are just cherished- so many strangers have come up and taken Yabsera to hold him and kiss him- and well- they actually spit on you when they are showing affection- so that has been a bit unusual- but no problem...he does seem to know me because he only lets people hold him for a short time and then reached out for me- an example of how much they cherish the kids is that our driver took Maren to the bathroom and it was not #1 - now these are poeple who love children.

our guest house is incredible and we feel like family there- you should have seen their faces when we all arrived safely home tonight...they are helping Maren and mark and I to communicate we are learning Amharic as he learns English.

Maren can say "maddiecalphoebe" but he says it like its one long Ethiopian word.

We just visited layla house and I was able to give the letters to our friend’s kids and I cried- I think visiting these other orphanages has made me a little sad because I cannot visit my own. I think they will change the new rules- but not until I leave and it breaks my heart- but with all I saw and did this weekend- I feel I have learned so much about this country and culture and will share more details when I return.

Please pray for health, for Maren that he adjusts to the plane and rests and does not get upset easily on the plane and pray for Mark and I that we feel rested.

for our kids:
This is the part I wish you had gotten the other night- I miss you guys so much- I can't even tell you- i wish you were here and I know you are going to love these guys- we do have a bit of a Helen Keller on ours hands- but one who can talk and learns very fast- and knowing where he came from-I can tell you that he is a true survivor as someone was watching over him until he came into care with cwa and then to us.

I hope baseball has gone well, and that Phoebe is getting lots of cuddles and that maddie is loving the time away from me nagging her constantly.

Susan and Carol and Kimberly and Luana and everyone else who has helped with the kids- we can't thank you enough!!!! we miss them but know they are in many many good hands.

We love you !!!
Mar, Em, Maren and Yabsera

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Renee said...

So happy to hear you are home and doing well!

Your boys sound amazing!!!