Saturday, June 10, 2006

Addiskidan Guest House

I made a separate Blog for the guest house with photos and more info than you need. Please check it out if you are one of the folks who has asked for more info.


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  • Addiskidan Guest House
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    Ray and Lauralee Lindholm said...

    There are now two guest houses across the street from each other in order to accomodate more guests. The guest house email is . The guest house telephone is 01137124338 and the mobile phone is 0911648567. (Those are the incountry numbers. You need the number to dial out of the U.S. plus the country code in front of those) Alayu is the guest house manager and he speaks English. His mobile phone is 0912037409. He is willing to meet people at the airport and take them to the guest house in a rented taxi. We are in Ethiopia part of the time at the guest house and can be reached at if you have questions. We welcome you and your adopted children in our guest house. Lauralee Lindholm