Saturday, May 03, 2008


My dear Aunt Renee (pronounced ree-nee) died this past month. She was my mother's sister and the mother of 3 of my favorite cousins. We gave Caelan his middle name "Joseph" after my Uncle Joe, Renee's sweet husband who had died before Cal was born. So now these cousins are "orphans". We all went home to upstate NY for the funeral and to see our cousins. Here are Aunt Renee, Uncle Joe and their first born son Kurt. My mother blogged about this here.

Fortunately we were all together last summer for my mother's birthday. It was a beautiful summer afternoon - and I think now we only wish it was longer. While at home for that very brief period I was able to spend a little bit of time with my own nieces and nephews...all who have grown so much since the last time I saw them- it was a bit disorienting!

Here is Phil at his computer- working on a paper- he graduated this year...

And Nick, who is a freshman in High School and was a 4 month olf baby at Madeline's birth!

I do not have picture of my Carolyn, the oldest grandchild, from this visit- so I am inserting one of her from 2 years ago- when we brought M and Y home. Here she is with baby Yabsera.Now back to March 2008...
We have Alex who is one month younger than my Phoebe- in 3rd grade- but a whole head taller than Phoebe...and Andre...another tall young boy...he is 13.
About a week later I went into NYC to see the rest. It just so happened that my brother Gordy was in town the same weekend - so there we were all 4 "kids" together within 2 weeks. We were celebrating many things and it was good to be together again. Below is our little Lu... with her Elmo in the park.

Here is my sister Jill with Cooper...about to be a big brother again later this year...the oldest grandchild and the youngest will be 20 years apart.
My brother Gordy with my mom on the day we left.
Three of four "kids" last picture....

And I came home to my 5 kids and incredible husband....


Thankfulmom said...

I love the update and wonderful photos. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your aunt - she was part of a great family. I wish I could join you all tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I am deeply sorry to hear of your family's loss. Thank you for sharing a piece of her, and your family, with us. It is clearly a family of great warmth, deep love and unbreakable bonds. What a blessing!


FeatherIron said...

We are adopting from Ethiopia, we are using International adoption guides. You seem to have had a bad experience with CWA. I have had a good experience with IAG so far. Our son is 7 or 8 yrs old. He did enter the Foster home with a DOB but the agency said that may not be correct. I loved reading your blog.

Bradshaws said...

So sorry for your loss Em.
Its interesting, when we think of 'Orphan', we think of Africa or HIV. Your comment reminded me of going home for my Grandpas funeral a few years ago (My Grandmother was already gone), and in tears my Mom said "I feel like an Orphan", it broke my heart.
Praying for healing for your family.

Joel C. Rosenberg said...

Mark and Emily -- hello from an old friend of Mark's! PCC, Tahawus Hikers, Fairport High School. They all bring back many fond memories. My wife, Lynn, and I have friends who are trying to adopt children from Ethiopia and in so doing, we came across your weblog. What a fascinating journey God has had you on. Would love to reconnect. Please shoot us an email -- --when you get a free moment (not easy with all those beautiful, high energy kids, I'm sure!). Blessings to your whole family. -- Joel Rosenberg