Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Article on the Famine in Ethiopia

Once Again, Children are Starving in Ethiopia is the title of the article, which makes it sound like perhaps there was a brief window when the food was plentiful in one of the poorest countries on the globe. This photo is of a 3 year old suffering from Malnutrition- she weighs 10 pounds. When CWA first opened they sent home babies who looked much like this. It seems that they now have figured out that they can really feed these kids while in their care before their new moms and dads come to get them- because now we see referral pictures of chubby babies...but this child is the one that is more typical of many of the children you will see outside the protective walls of the typical US/UK/European/Australian run orphanages when you go. You will see many many children whose growth has been severely stunted for lack of food.

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Maria and Family said...

I cant believe how many children/adults live with this horror on a daily hard to fathom. :(