Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that one year ago we had just started this journey- just one year ago sending in the application fees to our agency, Christian World Adoption. And on Maren's intake sheet the date is January 2, 2006. That would be one year ago tomorrow. So we have guessed that this is the time he was brought into care. He was so weak he couldn't walk and spent two weeks in the hospital. As far as we can tell he was without parents for about 2 years and at some point a kind man named Ashango took him in and he was the one who brought him to the orphanage. Maren says only nice things about this man and we are so thankful for him.

Here are my children on Christmas Eve before Church. We were blessed in Denver to have a white Christmas, which is something that does not usually happen! Its also probably the last time I will be able to put matching shirts on my three sons!

Our good friend Luana and her boys came over Christmas eve, She and Maren have a lot of fun together. She has been a huge help since we brought the boys home last June.

This is my sister and her kids on Christmas Eve. We wished we could have been together. My mom came this week and so I was able to steal her camera and the photos she took while in New York!

These are my kids on Christmas morning with their stockings. My good friend gave us (15 years ago) a gift of making stockings for all of our children as they come into the family. I was lame and did not tell her about the boys in enough time to have stockings made. It has been a great wedding gift...but I think they probably thought they were done with Phoebe!

Happy New Year!


Laura said...

Max has the same shirt as your boys! I like your taste! :o)

Happy New Year!

Raskell Party of 8 said...

So cute. I wish we would have had a white Christmas, instead a rainy christmas. :(

Mary & Stuart Nicoll said...

Your kids are just beautiful!

Jason and Charlene Ruff said...

OK so it's a small world. We read your blog as we are in process of adopting two children from Ethiopia. Scrolling down through your pictures we have found a very familiar face. Luana was our neighbor in San Diego. We currently live in Spokane. Very small world......WE'd love to get in touch with her.

Jason and Charlene Ruff