Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Birthday My Maren!

Today Maren turned 5! When we got him he was supposed to be about 3 1/2- we quickly felt that he was at least 4- but were shocked when the dentist said he was between 5 and 7. The pediatrician said he was 6 and the endocronologist said he was 7. We felt a bit of a loss- because you think you have this 3 year old and suddenly you are having to contemplate kindergarten. We felt like we suddenly lost years right before our eyes. So we decided to age him up. He turned 4 in November on the day my grandfather would have been 100 years old if he was still here. And today is his Ethiopian Birth certificate DOB- which is also his Uncle and Godfather's April we will turn him 6. That is the date we learned that he was legally ours.

We had a great little birthday and here are some photos of the event.

We had just gone to our friends birthday party and they are from Mexco where a child takes a bite of the cake for each year they are old. Of Course Maren wanted to do this too!

Maren never had pajamas in Ethiopia, never owned shoes, he says "My clothes were dirty", when he got these PJ's for christmas he just LOVED them. He actually brought them in to show his teacher one day!

His big sisters just love him...


Laura said...

See now if I take a "bite" of the Mexico tradition I think I will be eating my entire birthday cake that's how "old" I am! LOL

PS: Love you; love your family.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love that kid! Happy birthday Maren!