Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Why snow all messy? Why snow all over road?"

Last week we had our first snowfall in Denver (which by the way has more sunny days than San Diego or Miami! and its not that cold here!) Anyway- it was Maren's first snowfall and he was amazed. He played in it for hours and came in and he was just freezing! It took forever for his hands and feet to warm up. He kept looking out the window and saying, "MOM!!!!! A-LOOK! (left over from "Ayo!" which means "look!" in Amharic) Why all messy- snow- all over car? Car ALL MESSYYYYYY! Why?" I tried to explain it was snow- which is like rain only colder..."But MOM! Why no snow ETHIOPIA!!!!????!!!" I explained that it’s not that cold where he lived. He kept asking over and over about the snow- he and his big brother made a very tall and very cool snow dude. And the way he rides a scooter we are pretty sure he will be an amazing snowboarder...I know Mark is so excited to take him skiing.

That same day we had a visit from a man named Behailu. (It was also HIS first time seeing snow- he thought it was "very Beautiful!") He worked for CWA, our adoption agency- in Addis. He was the man who took us to the embassy appt and we really enjoyed talking to him. He is on a 6 month Visa here and is doing some teaching and preaching and ministering. He left Denver last week for Utah and hopes to travel around a bit. It was interesting to see him and Maren interacting. He was so happy to see both boys and can't believe how much they have changed- but watching Maren- at first- regress and shout and wiggle- begin to talk to him, "Why Dagne not here? Want to go to Addis." Behailu would say, "Ok lets go- to Addis!" And Maren would smile- he knows we are not going back anytime soon- but its one of his favorite games and so the fact that this man he only knew in Addis was here in his house and was playing it with him made him so happy. He also loved showing off that he was allowed to eat with fancy plates and glasses...he wanted Behailu to notice that. And Behailu said, "You are privileged...do you know that?" Maren just smiled. On some level he knows what he has that is different- but he is also very defensive of his country and his culture- as he should be. Last night he did not want to finish super- which is unusual- and one of the big kids commented that in Ethiopia he might not have food. He emphatically stated, "Yes, in Ethiopia me have food. There is food in Ethiopia yes!" And its good that his recent memory would be that of having three meals a day at the CWA care center- that is the food he remembers most- though he does remember eating potatoes and Corn and chicken in Sodo where he came from. Below is a photo of Behailu and the kids (minus Cal who had just stepped on a tack!)


Laura said...

Thanks for sharing (as always). All of your children are beautiful and shine in photos. It was nice to "meet" Behailu. He was not working the week Brian was there but we had heard SO much about him before Brian went that it was a disappointment not to have the opportunity to meet him. If he makes his way to Atlanta, we'd love to have him for a visit nevertheless. His smile radiates a peace from deep within him. It was nice to see.

Thankfulmom said...

It is so fun to see Maren experiencing new things! How wonderful for your family to have Behailu visit.
Lots of love to all of you.

PastorMac's Ann said...

I so appreciate you sharing all the "firsts." It makes my heart feel full and also ache at the same time. All your are radiant.

How wonderful that Behailu was able to visit in the US. The pictures are so sweet.

the ewings said...

Asher can't stop smiling at Behailu's picture. I don't know that he truly remembers him but he seems to light up regardless. I'm going to try to email him and see what his next plan is. Love the snow pictures!


Bradshaws said...

What a perfect neighborhood you live in! I love the houses!!
Thanks for the pics, you kiddos are SO cute!
Hopefully we will be able to see Bahailu also.

Kelly said...

I know this was an old post but hopefully you get comments delivered via email. :) I was doing a random search for the name Behailu and how it is pronounced and your website (which i recognized because I read it daily as such a great source of inspiration...GREAT blog).