Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Off to work I go.........

We celebrated Yabsera's first birthday the same week I was back to work full time. Everyone at my job was wonderful and sweet to me. But I was pretty miserable. Then today, I saw two of my favorite patients. It was a true blessing to see them- and also I have gotten phone calls from families who are so happy to have me back and that is so nice. But even though I am usually a huge cry baby (I am known as the person who always cries at goodbyes etc.) I am pretty good about not doing it in front of patients- and let me tell you that is not always easy- you try telling someone that their precious baby has HIV- NOT EASY!

Anyway- this darling girl I care for came in today- She was diagnosed when she was three. This was a huge blow to her adoptive mom and her family. You can imagine. It was heart breaking. Anyway- she is now 8...and she grew a lot while I was out...I drew her blood and she was so brave and it wasn't always that way- and then I had to give her this shot...she started to cry when it was over and I just looked at her and I started to cry too. Now this little girl is about as smart as they come- really- amazingly intelligent- and she just looked at me ...and I said, "I am crying sweet pea because I am so proud of you and how well you just did!" and she thought about that and then said, "Yeah, I only tried to pull away because a body doesn't like to be poked." I said, "Yeah, its a natural thing to pull away when you are going to get hurt." And she looked at me and smiled so big.

Her mom of course knew I was crying because I really care about her daughter. And she also knew it was because I was away from my boys. She said, "I know how hard this is for you. I remember..but now we have something in common...adoption." I had not thought of that. But the patient I saw yesterday has some really tough issues and I spoke with her mom about regression and she said, "That is the one thing that has made sense to me all day." I only knew to even mention it because of my kids and the adoption. Her daughter was adopted as an infant and is now 12 and is having a very hard time taking her HIV meds. I said that maybe she has regressed and really need her mom to do all the meds for awhile- take all of the pressure off of her for be the mommy and act like she is little again when it comes to taking her HIV medications. They are going to try it. Pray that it works.

We went to a Family Fall Festival this weekend which was hosted by one of the families who adopted form Ethiopia this summer. So we got to see several of our Colorado Ethiopian Adoption friends. We had a great time! Here is Maren who loved the hay rides.

And Yabsera who enjoyed chewing on apples and watching his big brother and sisters try and win the three legged races and the pie eating contests...

So far so good...our nanny, who is from Ethiopia, is so sweet and patient. She loved the boys and Maren has broken her in and has had two great days in a row...she brings them Ethiopian food...and talks in sweet Amharic phrases...what’s not to love? (Except she is not mommy! :) )


Bradshaws said...

Your kids are SO cute. My three year old is saying "I want to see the baby again".

Laura said...

You take the best pictures and you also tell the most heartwarming stories. It is no wonder you are in the field you are in. It requires such a heart. Glad to call you friend.

KelseyChristine said...

How awesome that your nanny is Ethiopian!
I hope being back to work gets easier--God is obviously using you.

Carol said...

Great pictures, lovely stories. I think it is great that you have a new way to connect to some of your patients. Big (((hugs))) as you transition back to work...


PastorMac's Ann said...


Thanks so much for sharing! Your children are so beautiful! Love that picture of all them in the grass.

How cool that you have an Ethiopian nanny!

Orrange said...

Could you let me know how you found your nanny? We currently have a day care situation but are looking into other options for when Sam comes home.


Elizabeth said...

i just wanted to let you know i am sympathizing with you going back to work. i recently had to do the same...twice. went back after 3 months of maternity leave and then 6 wks later quit my job and stayed home for another 6 wks and now i'm back again at another job! it was hard every time, and i only have one child at home! i try to keep busy and have pics of my daughter all over my desk, that seems to help! hang in there :)

blondie said...

A lovely heart warming post to end my work day. I look forward to the days when I too have my little ones to come home to after a hard day at the office. Your children are simply divine - just beautiful.

I am very interested to know how you found an Ethiopian nanny. Would love to hear about it in a later post.


michelle said...

I am a Candian lady interested in helping nannies come to canada...did you work with an agency there? and what level of English did they have?


tsion said...

I’m from Ethiopia, and I live in Colorado Springs CO.
I was interested in meeting people who have adopted from Ethiopia that are around Colorado Springs area. If you have any information please contact me. (I have meet one family that are about to adopt)
Thanks tsion