Sunday, February 01, 2009

Oprah, Science Fairs, Chinese New Year, The Rockies and Obama!

So, I took the morning off from work so I could watch the inauguration with some of my children...we watched in a movie theatre with a bunch of crazy loud people and we all acted like we were actually there- singing along, standing when we are told to stand, cheering, jeering, and tearing. It was an amazing morning and one - I am sure we will not soon forget. I wish Mark and the little boys could have been with us...but we carried on the festivities over dinner that night- eating out at The Vine and toasting a new era. Maddie said she felt different and realized she has spent her whole life since she can really remember under the Bush Regime and we all said how cool it is that Yabsera and Michael will be able to say that but about a President that they can look up to, identify with and be really proud of.
Later in the month, we scored tickets to a rockies fun festival where the kids got to meet players, hang out in the Rockies dug out AND locker room and play guitar hero with the players! Yes they gave out Tattoos which the boys LOVED.
Then it was Science Fair time at the Barr house- Maddie did something where she gave a math test to 4th graders and then gave a similar math test with music on- she found the 4th graders did better with the music on...what's the fancy research word for "treatment effect?" or when a participant does better because they have learned how to do better while being on the study?

Then Cal and his friend James built a "T" maze and ran Phoebe's Rats, Remi and Camille, through the Maze- 25 times with no food to see if they preferred a side then 25 times alternating food to see if they would learn to alternate. We were all pretty fried after this experiment...but no one was as tired as little Remi (or is that Camille?)
Then I got an email from Oprah because they were interested in putting my messy Cube on their show to demonstrate declutter- I guess it was not messy enough because they never came...

Then Michael had his science fair project where they ran cars down several types of "roads" to see the effect of Friction on Movement and Speed...I think this was probably the most fun Michael has ever had at school!

Then for Chinese New Year- Sweet Phoebe performed a Chinese Dance with the other dancers at her school. Poppa came and we all cheered Phoebe on. It is amazing being in a Mandarin Immersion program. Phoebe is learning all of her Math and Science in Chinese...she can talk about the solar system in Mandarin Chinese...I can't even do that well in English!Now on to February...Maybe if I blog once a month I can capture the year 2009!


Anonymous said...

Ah come on I have seen a lot worse working places. Sister, you don't deserve to be on Oprah. :)

Thankfulmom said...

Wow! I feel nearly out of breath just reading your post. Your kids look happy and busy. I'm thinking of you often.

Shawn said...

have you been in my office? come up someday. :)