Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Year in Pictures!

This video starts with the Holiday season in 2007 and moves in time through 2008. It takes you through primary season, Easter, to Upstate NY, Lake City CO, Scotland, Atlanta, DC, NYC, back to Upstate NY and ends at home in Colorado with Thanksgiving and Christmas 2008. We had visitors from Denmark and Germany. We had an uncle show up three times in Denver and once in Scotland! We added a new baby to our extended family. Michael and Phoebe are learning Chinese at their school, Maddie has been in 3 plays- one in Scotland at the Fringe festival. Cal has played Soccer and started his film making program in middle school. Yabsera continues to make us laugh and shower us with his affection. Emily had a big surprise birthday party and friends and relatives came from far away to be with her. We feel very blessed by all of our friends and family.


Anonymous said...

How very nice to hear from you. The kids have grown so much :)

KT said...

What a great collection of memories :-)

Diane P. said...

Hey you guys~

I really enjoyed your Christmas card so that I looked up your blog spot. I had a riot perusing through it and "visiting" with the Barr family... my old and dear neighbors! I really miss you guys and would love to someday meet your new sons! I cannot believe how much everyone has changed... especially Phoebe. She is not a little girl with a "binky" to satisfy her anymore. We are doing ok. The church where we were pastoring closed at the end of October due to financial reasons. Mark has been busy looking for another ministry job but is not limited to that. Whatever God has in store for us will be fine. I continue to work full time in a ALF as a Caremanager in the Memory Care Unit. Tyler graduated 6/07 but has had a difficult time finding work. He took 2 classes at the community college but will wait before returning. He is not the best student. Tate is finishing 11th grade and at 6'1, 270 lbs. is a gentle giant. He struggles with school yet not for lack of ability. MaryClaire entered her freshman year at the high school and seems to like it although there are increasingly more times she tells me she wants to be homeschooled!! How about that. We have a special addition to our family, a golden retriever named Trigger. He is 2 1/2 and is still very much of a puppy! Well just wanted to catch up and wish you all a Happy New Year and Blessings:)xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Love for All... Diane

Brianna Heldt said...

Loved these pics Emily!!!