Monday, June 30, 2008

Goodbye Mr. Kline

My sweet friend Heidi Wilson lost her dad last night. He was diagnosed on June 1st with small cell lung cancer. At first they had some hope that he might live a couple of years. Later they were told 6 months to a year. He died last night just hours before he was to have his first dose of chemotherapy. He was an amazing father and a generous and spirited grandpa- and today many of us who have grown to love Heidi like our own sister weep with her. Her Dad left her before they all had a chance to say goodbye- they all thought they had more time. The only consolation is that he is free from his bodily pain and suffering, but the Wilson's are sad and confused as they try and sleep tonight. Say a prayer for my dear friend and call your dads and moms to say you love them if you are blessed to have them still with you.

Here is Heidi's blog where you can take a walk through their life for a few minutes if you like.

Heidi used CWA like me and her daughter arrived in Addis at the Care center just one day before I arrived and she was the talk of all the staff- the loved her and kept saying how unique and special and fun she was. I wished I could have met her when we traveled- that would have been really special as Heidi and I have become such good friends over the last two years.

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Heidi W said...

Oh, wow... you made me cry! Thank you, sweet Emily. You are truly a special friend and I love you. I sure am gonna miss my daddy....