Friday, March 16, 2007

HIV Links As Promised

Sorry this took so long to post. I know several of you have been waiting for this...This is a list of helpful links to learn more about HIV and AIDS. Much of this information pertains to living with HIV here in the USA. Its not as pretty in other parts of the world and the stigma is worse in other parts of the world. The stigma is what causes many of the problems and also is at the root of the rapidly growing transmission. If we can stop the stigma here at home, and work on ending it abroad change can occur.

The Elizabeth Glaser Foundation for Pediatric AIDS

NPHRC at the Fran├žois-Xavier Bagnoud Center in partnership with the Center for HIV Information at UCSF provides the latest and most current information on mother and child HIV infection

From that same site you can navigate to a link that has global and country specific information and links on HIV/AIDS in other countries and around the world.

New York State DOH site: Excellent site with all of the current guidelines on testing, treatment, and psychosocial issues related to Pediatric HIV

One of the better and most accurate site on Living with HIV or for information about HIV on the internet. Used by health care professionals as well as people living with HIV. Not specifically pediatric focused but a lot of great links and accurate information.

An excellent site devoted to women with HIV. A great site for up to date information on pregnancy and HIV, and what your child will be coping with as an adult woman with HIV. There is also useful information on disclosure for children.

A good list (though not exhaustive) of summer camps and programs designed for kids living with HIV as well as their uninfected siblings.

The Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric HIV Program is where I work.

Articles and Links specifically related to adoption of an HIV infected child

This is an article written about international adoption of HIV infected children.

The following two abstracts were written and presented back when there were many children in the USA with HIV who were living in hospitals and institutions (1989,1990). These abstracts show that it is possible to adopt these children and discusses the support systems put in place for this scenario some 16 years ago. This is now commonplace in the USA and there are many adoptive families raising children with HIV.

This is an article about the founder of “Chances by Choice” who is helping to find families for children with HIV all over the world.

Here is the Chances by Choice website.

This is a short article highlighting the fact that children living with HIV in the United States are now living with a chronic condition verses a fatal condition. There are many studies and articles out there that show this change in the long term prognosis of children living with HIV in the US.

This is the link to the AHOPE website.

And finally one of the foremost champions of HIV infected children around the world, Jane Aronson MD, who also has good information on HIV testing in Ethiopian Adoptions.


Raskell Party of 8 said...

Thank you! I can't wait to get to reading. This is so helpful for us. Love ya!

Leslie said...

Thanks so much Emily!!! The articles you listed about Chances by Choice were what stirred me to think about and then act on my heart's desire to adopt. Re-reading them reminded me of how God worked in my heart to bring this back time and time again, and how happy I am now to be seeing it come about!! I appreciate you putting all this information in one place, as well as your previous Frequently Asked Questions post. :)