Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Giardia, Campylobactor and Polydactyly

This was a post I never completed - I was trying to gather as much info on infectious diseases that kids may come home with from Ethiopia- and since I actually gathered so much info...I never actually posted it here! I will pot here the list of things families have said that their kids have come home with from our CWA Care center- many of these kids at the time had come from the Sodo, Wolaita region of Ethiopia which is in the SouthWestern region.

here is the list:

tinnea capitus
iodamoeba butschlii
blastocystic hominis
Chronic Hep B infection
Active TB
inactive TB
other stool parasites
Chronic Diarrhea
Malabsorbtion issues
failure to thrive
malnutrition- refeeding issues
Upper respitory infections including Bronchitis, ear infections and the common cold
Staph infections of the skin
skin lesions with superimposed infections
Scars related to past trauma including treatment by traditional healers, burns (both accidental and purposeful), and abuse
Hives- or allergic reactions
Urticaria Pigmatosa. The individual spots are called Mastocytoma
Milk allergies
fungal infections of the toe nails Verses trauma of the nail beds
Emotional and attachment issues
female cicumcision

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